Take care and stay safe this weekend

As we head into the weekend, Dorset’s NHS services continue to be under pressure as a result of the extreme weather conditions, and staff are urging people to stay safe and think ahead if going out in icy conditions.

A spokesperson for NHS Dorset CCG “We want Dorset residents to stay safe this weekend, and would advise people to avoid going out into the icy conditions if possible. Icy roads and pavements make the risk of slips, trips and falls greater, and these can result in sprains, fractures and broken bones, so please take care. If you do need to go out, remember to walk like a penguin.

“If you do slip on the ice, and think you may have a sprain, fracture, or other injury, please consider calling 111 for advice, or visit your local Minor Injuries Unit or Urgent Care Centre if you can get there safely. Services may be affected by the weather, so please make sure you check with your MIU before travelling.

“In an emergency please continue to call 999.”

For more advice on staying well this winter, visit www.staywellthiswinter.nhs.uk