We want to keep you informed and involved with the proposals around your NHS, and how they affect you. More than anything, we want to make sure you’ve got all the facts and that you’re clear on what those facts mean to you.

All this week we’re encouraging you to send us any and all questions regarding the Clinical Services Review. We’ll read through and consider your questions, responding via a helpful FAQ on the Dorset’s Vision website.

Board Lay Member for Engagement, David Jenkins, says: “It’s so important to get involved and have your say. We would encourage anyone who has a question to get in touch this week so we can answer your query.”

Have a question about the Clinical Services review? Read a piece of information and are unsure about what it means to you? Get in touch – we’re here to help!

Send us your questions via our Facebook page and Twitter feed using the hashtag #CSRquestions

During the consultation views and opinions will be sought in a variety of ways including online, via telephone calls and events, and on paper through a questionnaire. As we approach the start of the consultation, information on opportunities to get involved will be made widely available. More information is available online via www.dorsetsvision.nhs.uk including videos, infographics and all the latest news.