The CSR public consultation process has been awarded ‘Best Practice’ accreditation by The Consultation Institute.

The Consultation Institute (TCI) were invited to quality assure the CSR consultation process through an assessment process and provide guidance and advice on how to meet best practice standards. This was to ensure local people in Dorset received the best possible public consultation.

In July 2017 TCI confirmed that the CSR consultation exercise was consistent with their good practice standards with the possibility of achieving Best Practice once TCI could review the detail of the consideration phase. In September 2017 Dorset CCG received confirmation that the consultation had been upgraded to Best Practice:

“Following our assessment of this consideration phase TCI is prepared to upgrade the consultation to Best Practice, on the basis of the genuine commitment of the CCG to listening and modifying their proposalWe would like to congratulate you on this ‘upgrade’ and wish you well in your continuing dialogues with the communities in and around Dorset.” Mike Bartram (Assessor) The Consultation Institute

The Best Practice status comes with the condition that the CCG provides consultees with targeted and meaningful feedback, highlighting the changes made to their proposals as a result of comments received to the consultation.

Dorset CCG have shared the independent consultation findings report and summary report publically online. Full details of how feedback was considered and influenced changes (where appropriate) was shared in the Decision Making Business Case document. Highlights were also shared through several meetings with key stakeholders.

Additionally, a ‘You Said We Did’ webpage will be added to shortly.

The Consultation Institute is an independent not-for-profit body that provides organisations with best-practice advice and guidance on public consultation and engagement. For more information on TCI visit