Dorset County Hospital – Major Planned Hospital

Summary of services

Urgent and emergency care

  • 24/7 A&E with 14/7 consultant presence

  • Trauma unit

  • Hyper-acute cardiac

  • Non-interventional cardiac

  • Hyper-acute stroke service

  • Stroke unit and stroke rehabilitation

  • Emergency surgery 24/7

  • Acute medical admissions

  • Acute oncology

Planned and specialist

  • Level 3 critical care

  • High volume lower risk planned and day case surgery including cancer

  • Planned medical interventions/admissions, e.g. chemotherapy

  • Networked single Dorset cancer service

  • Interventional radiology

  • Outreach radiotherapy

  • Outpatients and diagnostics

Maternity and paediatrics

  • Consultant-led maternity and paediatric services integrated across Dorset County Hospital and Yeovil District Hospital for the Dorset population. Any proposed changes to services in either hospital would be subject to further local public consultation by both Dorset and Somerset CCGs as appropriate.

Long-term conditions, frailty and end of life care

  • Integrated frailty service

  • Primary and community care services on-site

  • Step-up, step-down beds

  • Mental healthcare services (not inpatient beds)