Royal Bournemouth Hospitals – Major Emergency Hospital

Summary of services

Urgent and emergency care

  • 24/7 consultant-delivered A&E with major trauma

  • 24/7 hyper-acute cardiac, stroke

  • 24/7 consultant-delivered emergency surgery in line with NCEPOD

  • Acute medical admissions

  • 24/7 gastrointestinal bleed rota

  • Acute oncology

Planned and specialist

  • Level 3 critical care

  • Higher risk, low volume planned care, including cancer

  • 24/7 interventional radiology

  • Outpatients and diagnostics

  • Networked single Dorset cancer service

Maternity and paediatrics

  • 24/7 high risk obstetrics unit for maternity

  • Alongside midwifery-led unit

  • 24/7 inpatient consultant delivered paediatrics

  • Local neonatal unit Level 2

Long-term conditions, frailty and end of life care

  • Integrated frailty service

  • Primary and community care services on-site

  • Step-up, step-down beds

  • Mental healthcare services (not inpatient beds)

Developments and benefits


  • Access to a single, more efficient unit complemented by a hot laboratory for processing urgent tests from the wards at the major planned unit

Emergency Department

  • Additional space to accommodate increased capacity

  • Greater separation between adult’s & children’s areas Increased cover with 24/7 consultant-led services on site

  • Safe, high quality, sustainable service which meets national guidance

Additional beds and remodelled wards

  • Move towards four bedded bays away from current six bedded

  • Will help to meet improved infection control guidance and standards

  • Provide consistent single room availability

Children’s unit

  • Move towards purpose-designed children’s unit to improve patient experience, and operational effectiveness

Maternity unit

  • Predominately new build with sufficient capacity to meet future projected activity

  • Full en-suite rooms

  • Part of integrated single maternity service as recommended by Royal College review

  • Will support benefits to patients through: choice and personalisation; birth choice and specialist care

On-site helipad

  • 24/7 accessibility in line with Civil Aviation Authority requirements